Classical secondary education (ESC)

"Classical secondary education is a general education lasting 7 years. It aims to impart general knowledge in the fields of humanities and literature, mathematics and natural sciences. It prepares students for higher education and university studies and is sanctioned by the classical secondary school leaving certificate.

From the 6th grade onwards, pupils can choose between English, Latin (...). From 5th grade onwards, all pupils also take English." (MENJE)

From 2022-2023, we will no longer offer classes beyond Quatrième classique (4C) in the classical branch of the national school.

ESC pupils can switch to an S5 (european school system) in the LLIS after their 4C in order to take the European Baccalaureate later on. 

The European Baccalaureate is equivalent to the Luxembourg "Première" (Diplôme de fin d'études secondaires classiques) in this country and is known and recognised throughout Europe. This baccalaureate also opens up access to all universities and colleges beyond the European borders.

It is also possible to change to an S4 class after the 5C. 

Complete School Offer 2022-2023


School offer

  • ESC
  • ESE
  • ESG
  • FP
  • EPE