Mérite Jeunesse

Why participate?

There are many good reasons to join the programme

  • From the first day to the last it is a real adventure
  • You will meet new people and experience working in a team
  • You will develop new skills and become physically active
  • You will have fun with the programme you choose yourself
  • You will have many new experiences
  • You will discover new talents
  • You will get involved in activities that you are passionate about and you will love it
  • You will receive a certificate that is recognised worldwide

On 26 January 2016 the Lënster Lycée signed an agreement with the "Mérite Jeunesse" project. Since then, more than 60 students have signed up for this programme. The "Mérite Jeunesse" is part of an international programme (The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award) open to all young people aged 14-24 and is the world's leading award for youth excellence. The Award prepares young people for success in their lives, regardless of their background, culture, physical ability, skills and interests.

Today more than 130 countries offer the international programme and more than 8 million young people worldwide have participated.

It is a non-competitive, internationally recognised programme designed to encourage young people to develop skills and positive lifestyles.

"Mérite Jeunesse" encourages the personal development of the young person, and the programme is adaptable to individual interests and skills.

The concept of "Mérite Jeunesse" is one of personal challenge. It offers the young person a balanced programme of voluntary activities that promote self-discovery and self-development, independence, perseverance, self-responsibility and service to the community.

The young person chooses a Volunteer, a Sport, a Talent and takes part in an Expedition.

Take up the challenge and join the "Mérite Jeunesse"!

Contact: merite.jeunesse@llis.lu

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Article Tageblatt 27.1.2023